French philosopher, Rene Descartes, is well-known for his statement “Cogito ergo sum.”  In English, it reads “I think, therefore I am.” I got to thinking about this and I did a little research. One definition of a thought is to weave, another to fabricate. Therefore, from conception a thought has the power to cause us to imagine. Imagine means to mold into a form, or to squeeze into a shape.  Think of a potter molding clay. In essance, a thought is a shaper. It shapes. It conforms us. God’s Word tells us not to be conformed, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (our thoughts.) Romans 12:2. What I think is what I will become. Where did thinking originate? If you take this to a natural conclusion the only one who could think something into existance is God. Quite literally, He thought us into existance.  I think this is very profound.


One comment on “Thoughts

  1. Nada Kirby says:

    Hi, Claudia. I really enjoyed this post. I just wrote you a longer text but it got deleted. So I will talk to you Thursday at LSWG at Golden Corral in Kspt.

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