It started out as one of those ordinary mornings. You know: drag yourself out of bed, take care of the necessities, and head for the coffeepot. Up until then, everything went as usual.
I poured a cup of hot brew, savoring the energizing smell, and headed toward the table, when the cup suddenly flew out of my hand as if it had sprouted wings. Horrified, I watched as the airborne cup bounced off the kitchen counter and disappeared over the side as if on a kamikaze mission. I waited for the sound of breaking glass, but silence ensued. As I surveyed the scene before me, it seemed the coffee had expanded while in the air.
Traces of the hot beverage dribbled down the white kitchen wall that formed several puddles on the tiled walkway between the kitchen and family room. To mock me, the cup lay on its side in a pool of brown liquid on top of the trashcan. In an instant, my off-white verticals were redecorated with irregular brown spots that matched brown dots on the back of my sofa. A new fashion statement it wasn’t!