These are probably the hardest words to write because mere words cannot convey the pain I feel in my deepest parts.  My heart and prayers go out to those who lost children and loved ones in the school shooting. Children are not supposed to proceed parents in death. But should we be surprised? As long as we have little regard for human life people will kill. It’s done everyday with abortions. These innocent babes also had a whole life before them. As long as our society accepts violent video games and television programs, as free speech we become desensitized to violence. As long as we continue to move away from Judeo-Christian morals and condone blatant immorality, calling it political correctness, we will become more degenerate. As long as we strive to remove all mention of God in our society we will see the escalation of events like this. As long as we do not provide help for those who exhibit abnormal behavior the unthinkable will occur. And while we must report these horrific deeds we ought not obsess on them day and night because there are others who crave the same attention and will act accordingly. As long as we call wrong acceptable and right wrong we should not be surprised. Nikita Khrushchev said “We will bury you from within.” And he was right. Indeed what he spoke of was moral decay and every great nation has fallen because of it. Gun control is not the answer. What we really need is God control!